BMW 325 Floor Mats

The Bimmer 325 series cars first showed up on car show floors with the E30 series of body styles in 1984 or 1985. They were an inline six cylinder engine with four doors. They obviously came with all of your standard accessories to include OEM BMW floor mats.

If your car is that old or you purchase a vehicle that is old, which with these cars are entirely possible, the floor mats may have deteriorated to the point that they no long provide the protection they were intended to provide, or simply the purchase did not come with floor mats. There are many different options for floor mats these days from BMW fitted floor mats all the way to just generic floor mats. You could also get cloth type of floor mats versus rubber mats. These preferences are up to you to decide, but the cloth type of mats are more difficult to clean if you bring in dirt and grime that is not easy to clean up once it has dried out.

You can also get floor mats that have the BMW logo on it or not, this is all personal preference really. I can’t speak on other body styles, but on the E46 body style, the floor mats have a plastic screw in option to keep the floor mats in place versus on the E30 style, the floor mats just laid in place.

The floor mats for the back seat passengers are just as important as the front seat floor mats although the front seat mats will probably receive more wear and tear and may need to be replaced sooner. The mats that are currently in there may no longer be produced so you may decide to purchase all four mats every time you need to replace the front seat mats. In fact, most floor mats are sold in sets of four.

Floor mats provide protection to your interior flooring, but also provide moisture protection to your floor so that it does not rust out. You could potentially have your seat fall through the cabin to the ground. Not a good situation to find yourself in and the potential is high if you purchased an older BMW 325.

For those of us that live in the northern portion of the country with inclimate weather, the snow, rain, and mud provide plenty of opportunities for water to get onto the floor of the cabin and potentially cause problems.

Now if you have a E30, E36, E46, E90, E91, E92, or E93 BMW 325 body style, you want to protect your BMW 325 cabin floor with floor mats that will fit or are made for the BMW you drive. You can go with the cheap BMW floor mats, or you can spend a couple more bucks to ensure you get the protection your BMW 325 deserves.